Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues.
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the 27th Iranian neurology congress. This annual congress is hosted on behalf of the Iranian neurological association, the main association of Iranian neurologists and one of the most decorated of its kind in the region, and is a venue in which the latest findings in basic and clinical neurology are shared, cutting edge lectures are presented by internationally recognized scientists, debates are made regarding novel approaches in clinical neurology, and much emphasis is put on stablishing a link between basic neuroscience and clinical neurology. Attendants will also find valuable work-shop and hands-on activities, coupled with social events, focusing on linking different specialists from different countries. Setting the path for future scientific collaborations. This congress is upheld in Tehran, Iran’s focal point for scientific endeavors, it’s largest city and capital. I am proud to welcome you to this congress and hope that you will enjoy the scientific dialogue presented, and will benefit from our social and scientific events.
With Regards
Dr. Reza Rikhtegar
Dr. Reza RikhtegarPresident of Congress
Dear Professors, Colleagues and Friends,
It is our great honor to announce the 27th Iranian Neurology and clinical Electrophysiology congress will be held in TehranIran 10-12 Jun 2020.
This event will occur after many years of the endeavor of Iranian neurologists to promote neurological sciences and clinical services in their home county despite numerous different obstacles. After many years of continuous national education and extensive cultivation through medical universities and research centers, with the increasing efforts and motivation of professors and smart young neurologists, we have started and are to pursue modern standards in the neurological sciences and management on a nation-wide scale.   
Throughout this event, our society will try to review the latest scientific and clinical achievements of the world, for promoting the knowledge of neurologists and other medical professionals active in the field of neurology. To achieve these educational goals, we are trying to provide precious teaching courses, lectures, and workshops in all neurology fields. These educational goals will be realized with the assistance of the prominent lecturers from all over the world and also participants from all other countries.
On behalf of the Iranian neurology society and executive committee of this congress, we cordially invite all neurologists, neuroscientists, neuro-interventionists and related specialties from all over the world and our country Iran to participate in this event and also see our beautiful and civilized country and cities.
With the best regards,
Dr. Ehsan Sharifipour
Dr. Ehsan SharifipourChairman of Congress

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