Best Young Neurologist competition

The Tournament of the "Best Young Neurologist" is a unique opportunity for "27th Congress of Neurology & Clinical Electrophysiology of Iran-2020" young participants (before 40 years old) or Neurology Residents to interact with colleagues, test intellectual tenacity, and demonstrate national pride, all while competing in university teams as well as individually. As such, the aim of the Best Young Neurologist competition is to provide an experience that is both educational and entertaining for participants, integrating various aspects of neurology.  This is the second time the competition has been organized by the "Iranian Neurology Association" at a Congress of Neurology and Clinical Electrophysiology of Iran.

Based on previous competition, we know that this dynamic and enjoyable activity enriches the Congress for all participants – both professionally and socially.

Young participants (before 40 years old) or Neurology Residents are invited to enter a university team of 4 neurologists or individually in the Tournament. Teams will compete with each other in a knockout competition, to answer questions on a range of neurological topics based on clinical cases from around the world; the questions will focus on visual material, videos and stills, with a minimum of text.

Guidelines to enter:
young participants (before 40 years old) or Neurology Residents should be
Applicants after congress registration must register for the "Best Young Neurologist competition" on the first day of the congress, and each university team must have the approval of each university's head of neurology department to participate in the inter-university competition.
The Winning team will receive the spatial award and certification of "27th Congress of Neurology & Clinical Electrophysiology of Iran-2020"
All teams will first take part in a Qualifying Round. The 8 teams that achieve the highest scores will progress to a Semi-Final Round and compete in two groups of 4 teams, with the winners of each group advancing to the Final.
There will be one team per university. Congress organizers hope that the Tournament will attract many competitors from all participating countries.
To participate, please contact the Congress Secretariat via the contact us form on the website, stating the full names and email addresses of all members of your team, as well as the university you will be representing at the Tournament. Please indicate who the team leader will be. Please note that all team members must be fully registered to the Congress in order to participate in the Best Young Neurologist competition.

TeleFax: 021 8839 4274